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  1. Joe Sigler
    Joe Sigler August 12, 2015 at 3:53 pm | | Reply

    What a wonderful story, Carl! So good, in fact, that I’m going to forward it to members of our Page Turners Book Club that Pat organized here not quite 10 years ago. It might inspire us to be more selective in our books and run better discussions. . . . . I was sorry to read in our UTHSC retiree newsletter, Evergreen, about the death of George Kerr. I always found him to be a nice humble guy . . . Our daughter from Colorado Springs is here this week to help us celebrate our 45th wedding anniversary Saturday and will be back in November for Pat’s 80th birthday. And then, in between both those dates is the one Sept. 15 that you played such a role in when I was starting out in 1987. Without that date, I doubt that I’d be around to appreciate and celebrate the other two. . . Keep up the good writing! Joe

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