My Personal Manifesto

I just finished a journal writing course with Claire De Boer of  The Gift of Writing blog. As our final exercise she had us develop our Personal Manifesto, which she defines as: Your personal manifesto is a personal declaration of who you are—your principles, your values and what you believe in. It encapsulates the essence […]

Dave’s Special Dog

I decided to develop some photo stories to combine my photography interest with my stories interest. My first one is Dave’s Special Dog My son David has in the last year launched his hot dog stand on wheels, and during this year, he created Dave’s Special Dog. I captured the creation of one in photos […]


I am trying out Blogsy, from my IPad, as my blogging tool. I found WordPress itself, from my Desktop, to just be too clunky. It acts like a Microsoft program, and I’ve gotten used to Apple software. Posted with Blogsy